June 13, 2024

St.Antony’s higher secondary school ( BOYS TOWN )

புனித அந்தோணியார் மேல்நிலைப்பள்ளி

St.Antony’s higher secondary school ( BOYS TOWN ) Manjampatty, Manapparai.

“God has sent his son only begotten son into the world,that we might live through him”

History of st.Antony’s higher secondary school ,Manjampatty, manapparai. Since on 13..06.1941,this school had  51 pupils with one teacher handled with Mr.Rev.F.I.Arulanandham(Parish Priest of manapparai  1940-1958) runned in the school. It is st.Antony’s primary school.Now this school growing 12  teacher and 525 pupils at studied.

Mean while this school  education management  has been transformed to st.Gabriel Mission.Now,they are govern this school.The running of primary school their continued persistant with effort,developed in middle school on 09.06.1961 and continuously developed in high school on 12.07.1976,After on 30.06.1999 that school promoted to hr.sec. and it is established.

This school was builded completely who helped with bishop of trichy DIOCESE James Menclonsa,former Bishop of Madurai Diocese,Justin thiraviyam,former parish priest of Manapparai S.A. Antony,remember we gave a lot of Gratitude with all.

Then this school was developed with Tamil and English medium pupils.Now it’s running happily and successfully.

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